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Handwashing Poster

Help eliminate the spread of dangerous germs by downloading our handwashing poster. 

Personal Protective Equipment Guide

One of the easiest parts of practicing having safe working environment includes employees wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Download our Safety Matters guide to see how your employees can become safer in the workplace by utilizing a few of the standard PPE pieces used throughout the janitorial/cleaning industry.

SMART System Guide

SMS managers are being trained to not only use, but interpret data from SMART System. SMART System is a valuable tool in helping identify important trends. To learn more about SMART System and how it supports improving your facility, download our free guide today.

Preventative Equipment Maintenance

For more tips on preventative Equipment Maintenance, download our free guide.

Surviving Cold and Flu Season

With winter underway, it is important to prepare your workplace, home and family for the flu season. As always, we want everyone to be safe and healthy, so we have created a short guide on how to protect against the flu.
For more tips on how to protect against colds and the flu, download our guide.

Are You Survey-Ready Guide

SMS Healthcare has broken down five major survey points and has created a detailed checklist for your employees to follow, while making your hospital survey-ready. It encourages your staff to make each checklist item a daily habit, rather than a last minute preparation. Not only will this improve your survey scores, it will improve your overall hospital atmosphere.

Recruit, Train, Retrain Guide

How can you equip the best possible team to clean your facility? Follow our best practices for recruiting, training and retaining.

OPS360 Guide

Our automated tracking program, OPS360, ensures we provide consistent, quality environmental services. Find out how this tool keeps us accountable to keep your facility pristine.