Greater Clark County Schools

2,132,994 Sq Ft - Serving Since: 2021



SMS is about more than just cleaning and maintenance. Creating a clean, safe facility builds confidence in your services and staff, which translates into improved student, teacher, staff and administration satisfaction.

In partnership with the Perfection Group, SMS goes above and beyond providing cleaning and maintenance services. Our collective goal is to aid in providing the best educational experience possible. SMS currently services the following locations within Greater Clark County Schools:

  • Charlestown Middle
  • Charlestown High
  • Franklin Square Elementary
  • Jeffersonville High
  • Jonathan Jennings Elementary
  • New Washington Elementary
  • New Washington Middle/High
  • Northaven Elementary
  • Parkwood Elementary
  • Parkview Middle
  • Pleasant Ridge Elementary
  • Riverside Elementary
  • River Valley Middle
  • Thomas Jefferson Elementary
  • Utica Elementary
  • Wilson Elementary

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We provide superior specialized services through management of systems and people that allow our customers to focus on their core business. Learn more about how we have fine-tuned our cleaning and maintenance programs to bring your property better results at a better value.

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